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We at AccessoLoo, who all share these same access needs are working to reduce those barriers and bring about a simple resolution to those very real problems. A Changing Places facility is a bathroom like any other – toilet, sink, shower (if needed); however, it is larger, and we install the equipment to make it accessible for everyone. Our design is universally accessible and becomes #incloosive for everyone.

bike bicycle part equipment accessories handlebar roadbike

Overhead hoist system

Height-adjustable bench

Peninsular toilet

Dropdown rails

Vertical grab rails

Wide paper roll dispenser

Retractable privacy screen

Full-length mirror

Paper towel dispenser Hand dryer

General waste bin

Sanitary bin

Coat hooks Colostomy bag shelf

Shower (optional)

Our Facility Includes

  • As with all accessible toilets, an emergency alarm is also required.
  • Working with your own contractor, we are able to complete a fully functioning Changing Places within your own premises following 1st fix completion.
  • Using the best of equipment, we will be able to provide a complete product tailored to you budget.

Changing Places are now included in Document M and BS 8300-2:2018 building regulations.

Working in partnership with a local leisure centre, we were able to help plan a new changing facility to be located adjacent to the swimming pool. Having demolished two existing accessible toilets the centre now had space to create a brand new facility. We were introduced at the design phase of the project and were able to help arrange and position equipment to be as beneficial to the users as possible. We were able to liaise with existing council contractors to assist with placement of first fix utilities and once completed the AccessoLoo team was able to move in and complete the rest of the installation.

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