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Second AccessoLoo Depot for GB

With so much interest generated in Great Britain for our mobile Changing Places, we at AccessoLoo have added to our fleet in Great Britain and opened a second location Depot.

AccessoLoo expanding IncLoosivity

2023 was a terrific year for incloosivity as AccessoLoo expanded its operation by opening a new depot in the North West of England to service the events requesting our services. In delivering such a valuable service which provided such a high customer experience, our reputation for value and quality has spread organically. Developing a new class of AccessoLoo following feedback from the users, the Finley class has much more room internally and incorporates a better showering experience for those festival events that we attend. There is also a secondary access point for those users who don’t like to use the platform lift to gain entry.

An internal view of the AccessoLoo. Featured is a flushing toilet on the back wall, with an access door on the right hand side. Grab rails a hoist, sink and dustbin are also fitted. The colour scheme inside is jade and white.
An internal view of the Finley Class AccessoLoo

Completed in a wetroom style the AccessoLoo has a peninsular toilet complete with grab rails, a colostomy shelf and a height-adjustable sink. There is a pedestrian access point on the right-hand side and a full-coverage ceiling hoist installed. The AccessoLoo has central heating for those colder months as well as a venting system for the warmer days.

Constructed entirely at our headquarters in Northern Ireland, by a team of disabled people, AccessoLoo also wanted to offer sustainability around our products and these new Finley class vehicles are installed with solar panels to charge the onboard batteries which power all the systems.

A view of the front of the AccessoLoo from inside. In the photo is a height adjustable shower table, shower and full length mirror. On the left hand side is the wheelchair accessible door.
Shower area of the Finley Class AccessoLoo

At the other end of the AccessoLoo it is possible to see the adult-sized shower table that may be repositioned should another person wish to use the shower. The hoist gives full coverage in this area of the AccessoLoo and on the left is the entrance via the wheelchair platform lift. Together with the full-length mirror and clothing hooks, we are very proud of this new class of vehicles.

Being the second of this class in the fleet, this vehicle has been relocated to the North West of England and will be named AccessoLoo Zack. The vehicle which was already based in England will be now located in her new home depot in Nottingham. Named AccessoLoo Francesca, 2024 is going to be an extremely busy year for both and we look forward to welcoming users at events across the country. If you spot us at any event, please feel free to make use of our services or just pop by to say hello.


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