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Larne Town Parks Achieves IncLoosivity

The main contractor told us: "This was definitely a learning curve for us, our experience in Changing Places was zero and we didn't realise it was more than just a toilet in a large room"

Larne Town Parks Achieves IncLoosivity

Within the space of a month, Mid & East Antrim have opened their second Changing Places and again it is in a wider development of a public toilet provision in one of their parks. Located in the car park at Larne Town Parks, the addition of this Changing Places brings toilet access to another open, green space that also has access to the shore footpath. Used for some of the council events over the year it also makes these types of events that step more inclusive for visitors.

Inside the changing places with a changing table to the right, toilet located centrally on the rear wall, ceiling hoist, is above the changing table and the privacy screen in on the left hand side along with the height adjustable sink.
A view of inside the Changing Places

This installation also represents a second project completed for AccessoLoo in collaboration with Mid & East Antrim Council which is proving to be one of the most progressive boroughs in Northern Ireland for Changing Place installations. Working with a different project manager from the council as well as a new developer on this build created valuable opportunities for both to learn the essence behind the need for changing places.

“We had no idea that these types of toilets were available and nor did we have a full appreciation of the community that needs them to enjoy a day out.” Said the main contractor: “…it really is such a basic requirement for everyone to be catered for and the fact that AccessoLoo is a team of disabled people helping provide them is an excellent social value boost to the construction industry.”

Showcasing their second changing places in as many weeks highlights the importance that the council is placing on making their borough a more inclusive place to visit and is developing plans for yet further incLoosion.


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