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Gavin meets Prince Charles

We love to be able to share news of what our volunteers are getting up to when they are out and about with AccessoLoo. The same positive outlook is no less newsworthy when something exciting happens to them during their regular day job.

One such event took place this week, which saw our very own driving attendant, Gavin, serving sweeties and chatting away to non-other than His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales.

During a two day visit to Northern Ireland last week, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall visited Bangor in North County Down. As part of that visit, they were invited to walk around the local market to meet traders and the shopping public. One of those traders was ‘our Gav, himself!’ who, when he is not helping at AccessoLoo may be seen serving sweets on a market stall at various markets locally on different days of the week.

Gavin told us: “Prince Charles was an absolute gent, his conversation was light hearted and we he enjoyed the banter.” Sending him home with bags of sweets for his grandchildren, Gavin said it had been an absolute privilege and honour to have been chosen to meet him. I will never forget the experience and certainly enjoyed seeing all of the subsequent photos and television coverage.

During the rest of the market tour Prince Charles met many local shoppers and enjoyed the new found craze for ‘elbow bumping’ as a way to greet one another whilst maintaining Covid regulations.