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Funding in England Generates Business Interest in Northern Ireland

In March 2021, Chancellor Rushi Sunak MP announced a funding round for the provision of Changing Places Toilets in England. This new Changing Places Fund will see £30 million pound invested on match funding to provide facilities in existing locations across the country.

Rushi Sunak MP said: “Where people shop, go out, or travel should not be determined by their disability. Yet, currently the lack of the right facilities can prevent some people from enjoying the day-to-day activities many of us take for granted. I want to change that, which is why my Budget this week is about spreading opportunity, not only across different parts of the country, but also throughout our communities.”

We at AccessoLoo really do agree with the sentiment expressed on behalf of the Government and support any effort to increase Changing Places Stock.

What we were not expecting was the level of interest this new fund was having on our inbound sales enquiries. Organisations from right across England have been in touch to ask for quotations, especially for our AccessoLoo Pods which are a able to be placed virtually anywhere.

In response several have already come back to use to indicate that we have been chosen as the preferred supplier and will be back in touch once funding has been approved for their own project. All of our AccessoLoo Pods are delivered ready to ‘plug in’ to utility services and we provide drawings for a base of the buyers choosing. Each Pod is tailored inside to the clients own specification to suit their layout needs as long as all of the equipment required is included.