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France to Open 1st Changing Places

Known in France as Exchange Halls, the municipality of Ducal City in Nancy, has decided to commission what is thought to be the first ever Changing Places facility in France.

The local government in Nancy decided to run an open competition for locals to nominate projects that the authority should invest in, which would see improvements to the lives of locals. The idea to propose a Changing Places came from a local Nacean, Hélène Havage who is herself a medical supplies representative in the area. She first discovered Changing Places on a trip to England and has been focusing on the development of the same thing in her home city.

In entering her idea in the local competition she remarked:

“Today, with the health crisis, we may have a little more understanding of what families are going through on a daily basis. An example: in the city centre, when the shops are open, but the restaurants or other, closed, you cannot walk too long, if you need to go to the toilet. It’s binding for us right now, but for them, it’s like that every day!”.

Of the 423 suggestions that were submitted, just 25 of them were chosen to be added to the projects budget and this proved to be one of the successful bids. It will be officially announced in the budget round on April 19th 2021 and it is hoped that the new ‘Exchange Hall’ will be installed and open for use by the end of the year.