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AccessoLoo Rolls To The Rescue

About two weeks ago we at AccessoLoo along with every other #Changingplaces campaigner were appalled to here the news that the changing places facility situated at Dunluce Avenue, Portrush had been temporarily closed. This was due to a wanton act of vandalism by those who chose to break in and use the facility as place to socialise.

As facts about the damage were vague, we contacted the council to see if there was anything we could do to help? Having been invited to take a look, we went up to be met with damage to the ceiling hoist, a completely destroyed privacy screen as well as a broken hand dryer and the coat hooks ripped from the wall. We also noted a missing shower head – although we understand that was an ongoing issue.

Knowing the importance of getting the Changing Places up and working again quickly, we offered to affect repairs to Dunluce Avenue at cost prices and were in a position to begin almost immediately. We were concerned that the hoist would be beyond repair, but once it was down from the gantry we were able to ascertain that a repair was possible and there would be no need for a costly replacement.


The whole process including the offsite repair and revisit to reinstall the hoist took three working days in total and we even replaced the missing shower head. What was also important for us, is that the work was undertaken by two disabled members of staff accompanied by an access to work employee. So there was more to celebrate other than getting the changing places in working order once again.

We would like to thank Causeway Coast & Glens for having faith in our abilities and the training our staff undergo to be able to carry out this valuable work and look forward to bringing our services to many other locations across the island.